At the start of COVID-19 spreading throughout the US, we knew we would face challenges.

With unemployment hitting record highs and hospitality workers making up two-thirds of the people filing, we realized we had two options: hunker down and wait this out or stick to our purpose—serving others—and get to work. We chose the latter.

In response, and on behalf of all hospitality workers, we launched #hirehospitality. The goal is simple; help displaced hospitality workers get back to work so they can feed themselves, their families, and the community.

Hospitality workers are versatile by nature, resilient, and are ready to lean into the skills needed now to serve the community—and serve with a smile.

For every time you’ve given a tip in response to service excellence, we ask you share your experience and tag it with #hirehospitality. It’s free and would help us get back on our feet. Want to do more? Share a work opportunity or donate. We would really appreciate the help.

From all of us that work to serve you.

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