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6 Reasons You Should Hire Someone With Hospitality Experience

1. You need a ‘people person’

A career in hospitality is driven by the opportunity to make people happy. Whether they’re guest-facing and directly serving customers or operating behind the scenes, every action goes towards creating a great experience. It’s about creating consistent, high-quality experiences, which means they often need to go above and beyond to make a great guest experience.

The industry is driven not only by positive interactions with guests, but with coworkers as well—it’s a relationship-driven industry. That’s why hospitality employees are friendly, vibrant, and have a high EQ. They hone that EQ by experiencing different cultures and extensive social interactions.

2. You want creative people who are quick on their feet

No two days in hospitality are the same. While there are policies and procedures in place to keep stability, the unpredictability of the job means employees need to be quick to adapt, think on their feet, and take initiative to try something new. Whether they’re making food, drinks, or an experience, hospitality employees are always coming up with new ways to improve the guests’ experience and maintain quality.

3. You want hard workers

Hospitality is a 24/7 business. That means employees are used to working nights, weekends, and every odd hour in between. Hospitality employees are on their feet for more than eight hours a day, lifting and carrying heavy trays and cooking materials. 

Employees are used to not only working hard, but also consistently producing a high-quality product. Research shows that a single bad experience will be shared with 20 people, minimum. That means hospitality workers are used to holding themselves to a higher standard.

4. You want great communicators

Part of a great experience is making sure a customer feels like they’re being heard and their needs are being met. This means employees need to be able to listen—and often not just with their ears. Hospitality often involves serving guests who speak another language, so employees are experts in reading non-verbal cues, as well as verbal. 

Studies show that transparency and clearly communicating when things will happen makes someone just as happy as if it were happening immediately. Hospitality employees know this. They communicate often and clearly. Many times they’re able to do so in more than one language.

5. You want someone polished and cool under pressure

While everyone hopes for the best, hospitality employees know that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Part of a great guest experience means seamlessly handling problems as they come up without looking harried or stressed. This means being a master multi-tasker and calm in high-stress situations.

Often there are multiple priorities, tasks, and responsibilities happening at the same time. Hospitality workers are able to prioritize, delegate, and handle these tasks so everything is accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible.

6. You need a jack of all trades

If there’s one guarantee in hospitality, it’s how completely unpredictable it is. Employees often need to handle tasks outside their job descriptions. ‘That’s not my job,” isn’t in their vocabulary. Because of that, they may have picked up skills in finance, human resources, project management, and communication-based on the opportunities and non-standard tasks they’ve been given.

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